Name: Shawna Garcia          

Age: 39

State currently living in: Utah

Daughter Isabella born in 2008

Current or former profession(s): Internet Business Owner. Former - Owner & Founder of Red Brick Appraisal, a Residential Real Estate Firm.


InSeason Mom: How long were you trying to get pregnant?

Shawna: 2 months

InSeason Mom: What did you do or not do to increase your chances of getting pregnant after 35?

Shawna: I ate really healthy. Lots of raw foods: tahini, celery, lots of water and I did my best to cut out my then habit of drinking coffee. I've since kicked the addiction all together. I educated myself by reading the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility so I really understood my fertility signs. I also created a vision board of me with my baby and family and did affirmations and visualizations pretty much every spare moment I had!


The Medical Community

InSeason Mom: How supportive were your doctors during your pregnancy?

Shawna: They were all very supportive.

InSeason Mom: Did you change doctors or would like to have changed doctors?

Shawna: Initially I started with a group of midwives at a local hospital because it was important to me to have my regular baby/mommy check-ups. I knew,however, that I was going to change "doctors" because I wanted a home-birth with home-birth midwives.

I was upfront with the hospital midwives and they were mostly supportive. They weren't so concerned about my age, but more so about my desire to home-birth. I did plan on using this group of midwives as a hospital back-up should my home-birth require a hospital intervention. I had a very good plan.


InSeason Mom: Who was the first person you told about your pregnancy and why? What was the reaction of friends and family when you told me about your pregnancy?

Shawna: I told a group of LDS missionaries because they were friends of mine and they happened to come to my home right after I had taken the pregnancy test. I was so excited I had to share. I probably would have told the mailman if he would have been my first contact :). They were all very excited for me as they knew I wanted a baby very badly at this point in my life.


InSeason Mom: Did you take any childbirth classes? Why or why not?

Shawna: Yes, I took a Birthing from Within Class. I took this class because one of the doulas that worked with my home-birth midwives was holding the class. I also wanted the opportunity to interact with other home-birthing moms and dads.

InSeason Mom: Where did you give birth?

Shawna: At home.

InSeason Mom: What do you remember most about the birth experience?

Shawna: The moment I held my daughter. Still brings tears of joy to my eyes. That was the most awesome moment of my life!


InSeason Mom: What concerns you most about being a mom over 35 and how do you compensate for this fear?

Shawna: I don't have any fears about being a mom over 35. I do however have concerns of "doing a good job" and raising a healthy sovereign child.

InSeason Mom: What do you enjoy most about being an older mom?

Shawna: I enjoy being an older mom because I have had a good amount of life experience and feel like my child will benefit from the my life-long commitment to my personal & spiritual growth.

InSeaon Mom: How has becoming a mom changed you?

Shawna: How could it not? Wow - where do I start....being a mom has opened my heart. I have loved unconditionally for the first time. I took a quantum leap in my spiritual growth since becoming a mother. I am more patient, communicate better, listen more intently, am more focused.

I have become more organized and therefore more productive in all areas of my life. I know my daughter learns by watching my example, so being a mom has given me a good reason to step-up even more in life!

InSeason Mom: What advice do you have for women considering motherhood after 35?

Shawna: Go for it! Honor your inspired thoughts, take that inspiration and put it into action. Listen to doctors, educators & specialists without ego, but in the end do not fear, trust yourself and your body.

InSeason Mom: Any additional comments?

Shawna: I highly recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility byToni Weschler for any women interested in knowing her body intimately, but especially for women over 35 who desire pregnancy.

I believe this education will assist women in becoming an expert over their own body & fertility signs, thus shortening the length of time it takes one to become pregnant. I, personally, felt very much in control and empowered upon learning this information.

InSeason Mom Cynthia would like to thank Shawna for being an inspiration to moms across the world!


  1. Great interview! I am glad to have had my children later in life.

    Danielle - note I have moved to a new blog site

  2. Danielle, thanks for your comment and letting us know that your blog has moved.

  3. I love birth stories. I think this is the one area in life where most women express such passion about something they've done.

    Looking forward to reading the other interviews and any that you will do in the future.

  4. Anita, I enjoy reading birth stories, too! Thanks for stopping by.