InSeason Mom Founder and First Time Mom Over 40 Cynthia  is now offering 
5 –DAYS OF LIVE SUPPORT.   This support is exclusively for emotional support and does not take the place of psychotherapy or professional counseling.  

"I'm offering the support I wished I had when I was trying to conceive and when I was pregnant," says Cynthia, who gave birth at age 42 and 44 to two healthy daughters. "Hope calls. Faith walks," is how one customer who is now a friend and now a new mommy describes my service.  I was blessed with the opportunity to support her through preconception, pregnancy, birth and now with her newborn. I do believe there is a Power greater than circumstances. There is Hope. There is God."
                                                 (Two Support Programs Offered)

Trying to Conceive in Your 40s Coping Tips

Description: Discover over 30 practical spiritual, mental and physical tips to cope while trying to conceive. No depressing medical jargon or statistics. Trying to Conceive in Your 40s Coping Tips (e-book) included and unlimited email support during 5-day support program.

Date and Time: InSeason Mom Founder Cynthia provides 30-40 minutes of support for 5 consecutive days via telephone scheduled at a time mutually convenient for you and for her.

 Support Outline
Day 1: Failing Faith in God, Self and Others
Day 2: Taking Care of Self-Mentally (PT I)
Day 3: Taking Care of Self-Mentally (PT II)
Day 4  Taking Care of Self-Physically
Day 5  Putting It All Together

Ease Your Fear of Giving Birth after 35 and 40

Description:  There’s not an expectant mom alive who hasn’t experienced some anxiety about her baby. As an expectant mom over 35 and 40, you’re hit with a double dose of anxiety. You worry about your baby’s health and you worry about the role your age will play in the development of your baby. Your health care provider may not be providing the emotional support you need. Explore misconceptions about motherhood after 35 to help you gain confidence and tackle your fear.

Date and Time: InSeason Mom Founder Cynthia provides 30-40 minutes of support for 5 consecutive days via telephone scheduled at a time mutually convenient for you and for her.

Support Outline
Day 1: Emotionally Healthy-PT-I
Day 2: Emotionally Healthy-PT- II-
Day 3: Physically Healthy-PT -I
Day 4: Physically Healthy-PT-II
Day 5:             Post Pregnancy

You want to talk to a woman who can relate to your desire to have a baby in your late 30s or 40s.
You want to talk to a woman who understands your fear of growing too old to have a baby.
You want to talk to a woman who understands your fear of bringing a baby into a blended or stepfamily.
You want to talk to a woman who will provide time to share concerns on your heart.
You want to talk to a woman who is NOT a psychotherapist/counselor/medical professional and who will not assume this role during the live support. 

You want to talk InSeason Mom Founder Cynthia who conceived naturally, gave birth at age 42 to her first child, a healthy baby girl and again at age 44 to a second healthy girl. Cynthia has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and has taught childbirth education at a major Southeastern hospital.

Her 5-Day Live Support sessions are rooted in her Christian faith of compassion and are  private and tailored to your individual concerns. The information she provides is intended for use as a general reference only. It is necessarily selective and deals with only some of the issues you may wish to consider when giving birth or considering becoming a mother over 35 and 40.  It does not constitute or is a substitution for medical advice from your physician or health care professional.

5-Day Live Support


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