Pregnancy Myths About New Moms Over 35

Thanks Executive/Producer/Wife/Mom Angela B. Logan for inviting  me to share Pregnancy Myths About New Moms Over 35


"Don’t believe all the fear mongering of having a child later in life. Many of the AMA (advanced maternal age) tests have lots of false positives", says Anita Anderson. Read more

Iraq Veteran and Illinois Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth an InSeason Mom!

Congratulations to 46-year-old Iraq veteran and Illinois Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth (husband Bryan Bowlsbey) who became an InSeason Mom in November! She lost both of her legs and suffered serious injuries to her right arm while serving in 2004, but has now given birth to a beautiful baby girl! Read more: and  Meet other First Time Moms Over 35 and 40 on


Meet Featured Mom Darline Turner, a Nationally Certified Physician Assistant who gave birth at 37 and 40 after two miscarriages!

40+ Can Lose Weight and Can Get Pregnant

Fitness instructor, personal trainer and first time mom over 40 Francesca Kotomski says, “40+ can lose weight and can get pregnant!” Read more about what she has to say

Missing New 35+ Moms in Baby and Children's Ads

Do a simple test for me. The next time you see an ad targeting new moms I want you to look for the mom who's in her 40s; the modern but seasoned beauty next door. Considering that the National Vital Statistics System shows first birth rates for women aged 35+ rose in nearly all U.S. states from 2000 to 2012, there should be at least one woman in the who looks older than 25! Do you think ads targeting new moms should show more moms over 35? Here’s what I think…..