Pregnancy Over 35 Over 40 Good News Support-Private Coaching

How will Pregnancy Over 35 Over 40 Good News Coaching Help Ease My Fears?

There’s not an expectant mom alive who hasn’t experienced some anxiety about her baby. As an expectant mom over 35, you’re hit with a double dose of anxiety. You worry about your baby’s health and you worry about the role your age will play once the baby arrives. You wonder if all the bad news about becoming a first time mom over 35 is true.
In this support program, you will learn the truth about popular misconceptions about birth and motherhood after 35 and even 40. You’ll discover tips to help combat your fears and help gain confidence. Read more

Pamper Yourself For Pregnancy After 35 or 40

First Time Mom Over 35 and 40 Blogger/Writer Cynthia (seated) gets pampered
Ladies, pampering isn’t only important for pregnancy after 35 or 40, it’s important in general. I spent a few minutes getting pampered and loved it! Read more why pampering is so essential in trying to conceive 

Trying to Get Pregnant After 35 and 40: Resist Faith Drainers

Today I update this post for the same reason I wrote it over five years ago:  to encourage women over 35 and 40 in their trying-to-get pregnant journey and to resist the widely-believed myths promoted by faith drainers. I wasn’t as aware of these faith drainers when I(read more)

Sherry’s Pregnancy Over 35 Success After Miscarriages

Indiana mom Sherry is as vocal about her faith as she is about her two successful pregnancies over age 35 and her miscarriages. Read her pregnancy and birth journey, which included faith, healthy diet and medication.  

Natural Pregnancy After 40 for New Mom Holly

Natural pregnancy over 40 was not only possible for Holly (pictured above with daughter Lucy) from Colorado, but she now dispels fears of other women considering motherhood after 40.