Pregnancy Over 40 Good News Support-Coaching

For over ten years I have eased the fears of pregnant moms-to-be over 35 and over 40 by sharing the success stories of  first time older moms. Yet, there’s hardly a month passes that I don’t receive an email from a mom over 35 or 40 telling me that she wished she had found my site sooner---when she was pregnant.  

Much of the information many pregnant older moms receive is negative, from outdated medical statistics to opinions of well-meaning, uniformed family members.  Most first time expectant moms over 35 are so scared of the risks during their pregnancy that they can’t enjoy it!

One reason I’ve decided to offer Pregnancy Over 40 Good News Coaching-Live Support is to help older first time moms counter the non-medical bad news heard about pregnancy after 35.

This support is exclusively for emotional support and does not take the place of medical or professional counseling.  I’m offering the resources I wished I had when I was pregnant. I conceived naturally and gave birth at age 42 and 44 to two healthy daughters.

You don't have to feel scared or alone during your pregnancy!For more details about Pregnancy Over 40 Good News Coaching-Live Support, visit

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