The Myth: Your Fertility Plummets After Age 35

Thanks to one of our future moms on Facebook for sharing this important health news link found on 

After reading the findings of this study, I'm trying to refrain from doing what my mama told me never to do: jump up and down and say 'I told you so.'  Seriously, in the coming years, I believe research will shatter many commonly-held beliefs about fertility after 35 and in your 40s.

The study reaffirms to me that we should never put our faith in what “they” say about fertility after 35. After all, there is a Power greater than circumstances. There is Hope. There is God!


  1. I am glad that you you're doing the InSeason Mom series because all of us are proof that fertility doesn't die at age 35.

  2. Thanks Anita. I'm just excited that "some" in the medical community are finding out what we knew for YEARS!