Tina and Famiy

Cynthia’s note:  When Tina was the Featured InSeason Mom in June 2013, she and husband Reggie were expecting their second child.  Two years earlier at age 42, she had given birth to Braylon, their first son. I invited her back to share the birth story of their second son, Bryce, born in October 2013 when Tina was 44.



My story is such a blessing! My doula and hubby Reggie were with me. I believe having a doula this time around made the experience even more joyful because Reggie was able to focus with me. My doula took pictures (of the birth).  She did things that I wasn’t able to do and see things I would not remember.  Reggie and my doula made my experience truly surreal and amazing.


I was checked in the hospital a week later (than my due date). I was in active labor for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I did have to be started on Pitocin but I was at a 4 cm.

We had worship music playing.  We prayed as a team, and her (doula) direction was so encouraging with the timing and contractions. The big surprise was when I kept having contractions my doula told the nurse, without my knowing, that the doctor needed to come in. She told the nurse, "I do not want to have to deliver this baby."

At that moment, I was unable to stop pushing. Even though the epidural was requested, the anesthesiologist was on his way but there was no turning back.  Our baby was ready.  I kept saying “where is the epidural.” 

They said, “It’s Showtime! He is coming out!”  At 12:54 PM, I gave a half a dozen pushes and our Lil Angel came out healthy and natural. Au natural! I couldn't believe it! There was no way I thought I could endure this pain, but God knew.

In spite of the pain, we were blessed with a baby boy named Bryce Jackson.  Bryce was born on October 6, 2013 and was 7.10 pounds and 21 inches.  For this I am truly grateful!

We stayed in the hospital a couple of days to recuperate and enjoy time alone before returning home. Hubby and big brother even stayed which made it one big slumber party and celebration of our 2nd little prince!


Bryce is 102 days/3 months already! (Cynthia’s note: 102 days at the time of this interview)We are having a ball with him, watching him smiling more and more every day. He is attached to me— of course being with me constantly.

I feel truly blessed to have two healthy boys who love each other thus far. Prince #1 Braylon needs my attention at times and finds ways to get it even as I breastfeed. I believe it is partly because we breastfeed through my first month of pregnancy and had to stop right away.

My prayer is for the boys to share and grow together and teach Reggie and me how to parent the best way possible to raise these boys to men.

Thank you and enjoy the journey ladies!

Cynthia’s note:  Thank you Tina for sharing your story with us! Here's the link to Tina's previous June 2013 Featured InSeason Mom story:  http://inseasonmomreflections.blogspot.com/2013/05/featured-inseason-mom-june-2013-tina.html


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