Dinah with son John

Name: Dinah Meyer Cicenas    


State of residence: Ohio

Child's name and age:  John, age 6

Current Profession: Associate Professor of Psychology, Licensed Psychologist


ISM: How long were you trying to get pregnant?

Dinah: I was not! I did not get married until I was 39, and complete story at


  1. Hello Dinah, I enjoyed reading your story! One of the things you said reminded me of a blog post that I wrote, titled, Friends. Having children late (I'm featured on Cynthia's blog, too) has allowed me to have friends of all ages. My 3 kids are now teens, and I'm 56, but I still have friends 10 years younger who have kids the ages of my kids.
    I also have friends who are grandparents or kids in their 20s.
    I would imagine that you will experience the same, if you don't already. When your son is older, you will find that the empty nester friends are a good source of info to let you know about things that they've been through that you have yet to go through.
    EnJoy your husband and son!

    Happy New Year, Cynthia!

  2. Anita, I'm sure Dinah appreciates your words of wisdom about friends of all ages. I'm very thankful to have friends/associates who are going through the same "developmental place I am in my life right now." They certainly help me!