Advice from women who became moms over 35 and 40

Becoming a mother is a major life-changing decision at any age, but especially when you are in your late 30s and 40s.  I’ve selected a little advice from women who became moms after 35 and 40 to share with you.

“Be as healthy as you can be.  Make healthy choices to eat right and exercise.  Don’t overlook emotional healing work as well.  There is definitely a connection between mind-body-spirit.  And I believe this can impact fertility at any age.”
Lisa Bruchac, Featured InSeason Mom, April 2011

“I think most women have an innate desire to become mothers, therefore, I wish to those who want children to be blessed with them; especially if they are over 35, an age that has allowed much thought time in previous years. However, I must qualify this statement by adding that women need to know that life as they know it will be gone when baby comes along and to be mentally prepared; yet the fulfillment to someone who wants to be a mom provides the greatest joy.

Occasionally, I hear infertility statistics and health issue statistics for the mom and baby when the mom is over 35. I heard these things when I was 35, but my heart and desire would not allow fear. I have 3 healthy children. Many women over 35 have conceived and have healthy children. Follow your heart.”
Anita-September-Featured InSeason Mom, October 2011

“I think motherhood at any age is a wild ride. Since the chapter that paved my way to motherhood included infertility, I say to women who have difficulty conceiving that conceiving a child is more than just a bunch of numbers and statistics, it's about the possibility, not probability that matters.

If you are having this difficulty, then frame it for yourself this way, people beat the odds everyday, people beat cancer, people have their MS go into remission and people who struggle with infertility have babies. I would much rather leave all the statistics to the racetrack and Vegas. While it is human nature to grasp onto statistics to help predict the chance of something happening for us, in many ways being too married to these numbers has an adverse effect on our psyche, stress. In turn, this stress has an adverse effect on our body. Mind stress plus body stress does not foster a good environment for conception.

I believe every month is a chance, a chance to conceive.”
Krisitn Beltaos, Featured InSeason Mom, November – December 2011

“Be sure you really want to have children, and if you’re ambivalent, get professional help. I did six months of therapy to decide whether to have a family. It’s some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Motherhood has been great for me, but it’s not for everybody.”
Jennifer Bingham Hull, Featured InSeasonMom- March 2012

“I say go for it.  As long as you are healthy and you have no underlying health factors and up for the biggest (but worthwhile) challenge, your life will only better.  There are many people who will voice their concerns about what can go wrong if you are pregnant over 35.  But think of the reward if you do find yourself pregnant.  You will have this baby that was created out of love and what better reward is that.  Today, being pregnant over 35, and even over 45, is no reason to be alarmed.  With all the modern medical advancement we have, there is no reason not to have a child.” Lenora Breder, Featured InSeasonMom June 2012
“Ladies, there are so many of us who support your efforts to have a baby after age 35 -- Cynthia and her website are great belief-builders,so tune out any doubts and negativity, stay away from people who don't share your dream, and focus on you.  You're not alone and there are a growing number of us older mommies, so don't give up!”  Deborah Rooney- Featured InSeasonMom, April 2012


  1. Nice recap, Cynthia. Thanks for including me; reminding me of my feelings, which are still the same.

    Because every story is different, I hope you will continue this series.

  2. You provide such great insight. That's one reason I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for encouraging me to continue the Featured InSeason Mom series.

  3. Good to see Anita's quote. And, always, inspiring to read your posts.

    1. Thanks Peaches. Your feedback motivates me to keep writing for my audience.