Helping Your Baby Sleep at Night

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Are you a sleep deprived mom of a baby? If so, no one needs to tell you what the lack of sleep does to your emotional and physical state. Girl, I’ve been there and know how it feels. Here are a few tips from the experts that may help your baby sleep at night:

Give Your Baby Time to Settle Down– The Mayo Clinic Staff
Give your baby time to settle down. Your baby might fuss or cry before finding a comfortable position and falling asleep. If the crying doesn't stop, speak to your baby calmly and stroke his or her back. Your reassuring presence might be all your baby needs to fall asleep.

Do the 5’s- Dr.Harvey Karp 

The 5 S's are:
Side/stomach positioning in the parents' arms.
Shushing: as loud as a vacuum cleaner.
Swinging: this is more like a gentle jiggling motion
Sucking: either a pacifier or finger.

Rocking or walking down-Ask Dr. Sears
Try rocking baby to sleep in a bedside rocking chair, or walk with baby, patting her back and singing or praying.

Place baby in a warm/comfortable bed-Ask Dr. Sears
Placing a warm baby onto cold sheets can cause trouble. Especially in cold weather, use flannel sheets or place a warm towel on the sheets to warm them, and remove it before placing baby on the warmed sheets.

Develop a realistic attitude about nighttime parenting- Stay flexible- Ask Dr. Sears (favorite by InSeason Mom Cynthia)
Sleeping, like eating, is not a state you can force a baby into. Best you can do is to create a secure environment that allows sleep to overtake your baby.

No single approach will work with all babies all the time or even all the time with the same baby. Don't persist with a failing experiment. If the "sleep program" isn't working for your family, drop it. Develop a nighttime parenting style that works for you. Babies have different nighttime temperaments and families have varied lifestyles.

InSeason Mom Cynthia’s note: if you are a new sleep deprived mom, I hope one of these techniques will work for you. If one does not, remain sane by remembering what you’re going through is only for “a season.” Blessings to you!

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  1. I saw the American Super Nanny on TV while surfing the talk shows this morning. One of her topics was about getting a baby to fall asleep on his or her own. I thought back to some difficulties I had.

    I think there are people who will listen to experts, try their various methods, and be successful.

    And then there are people like me who read the books, but got frustrated and did not stick to it. Somehow, I survived it. lol

    I suggest that parents try to follow the advice of the experts and parents who didn't have many issues; however, if they can't seem to get the hang of it, not to beat themselves up any further.

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  3. Anita, I totally agree. Talking with moms like you and like me who have "survived" these things will help more than beating yourself up about your baby not going to sleep.

  4. Annamarie, I know you've experienced your share of coming up with creative ways to get your babies back to sleep throughout the years. Thanks for stopping by!