Kelly Whitefield Offers Help and Hope

Kelly with Madison and Drew

Kelly Whitefield, author of High-Risk Pregnancy-Why Me? Understanding and Managing a Potential Preterm Pregnancy, A Medical and Emotional Guide made it clear to me, "I wrote this for others who are experiencing a tough pregnancy.  I don’t think moms over 35 are all high risk.”  Kelly, age 35, who is considering another baby within the next few years, says she doesn’t dwell on age.

Kelly, a microbiologist who describes herself as a “dorky” scientist, is the mother of Madison, 6, and Drew, 2. Both were born after two high risk pregnancies and loss of her son at 22 weeks.

Even before I found out that the prestigious Library Journal called High-Risk Pregnancy-Why Me?  "one of the best high-risk pregnancy books available today," I was saying the same thing after I read the book.
Reading Kelly’s book is like talking to a girlfriend who gives you the “low down” or a better understanding of what to expect, how to deal, and deciphers medical information about everything from the latest medical research to treatments to sharing stories of women who have experienced  premature births.

Like the girlfriend who doesn’t mind using a few colorful words or two to make her point, Kelly gives an honest account of her personal experience as she examines risk factors to coping with months of bed rest to sexual abstinence. She has several tips that any expectant or future mom can use such as finding the best doctor.  

There were times when I laughed then cried while reading High-Risk Pregnancy-Why Me? This is when I understood the reason Kelly called her book a “Medical and Emotional Guide.”

Kelly’s journey has led her to become a volunteer doula.  "I find it so rewarding to help women through the pregnancy and birth process," she said. "Helping those having a tough time is even better. I know what's it's like….”

Even though Kelly deals with some serious stuff, she's anything but serious. She loves dancing away the night to hip hop music, noshing on her favorite sweets and snowboarding down a mountain topped with fresh snow.

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  1. Best wishes, Kelly, in your quest to help and inform women about a potentially risky pregnancy.

    While I don't believe a woman should be told not to have a baby, we all know that all babies don't make it. I'm sorry that you experienced it with the loss of your son.

    Cynthia, your site continues to be a valuable place to visit for those who are considering parenthood. With your own testimony and the guests you feature, a lot can be learned and acted upon.

  2. Thanks Anita for letting me know that I'm meeting my goal of providing valuable information to current and future parents. Kelly appreciates your well-wishes,too!