Faith Not In the Odds

Grandfather with niece

Today, I repost 0ver 40 Mom Myth Shattered at My Grandfather’s100th Birthday Party to honor my grandfather. He passed away on this week at age 101.

According to my research, the life expectancy in 1911 at birth for females was 53 years; for males it was 50 years.  My grandfather lived 50+ years beyond what was expected. So you somewhat understand why my faith lies in a Higher Power rather than in the probability and the odds.

God not only gave him “long years of life” but gave “life to his years”.  I’ll bet no one at his party will ever forget seeing him dance at his 100th birthday party!

May we live a life in which we will be proud to meet our Creator!


  1. My grandmother passed away at age 99 in 2006. I feel blessed to have had her so long and I know you feel the same about your grandfather.

    I remember your tribute to him last year. It was, and still is, quite inspiring.

  2. I didn't know that your grandmother passed away at age 99! Yes, our elders were a blessing!

  3. Sorry for your loss but what an amazing long lovely life and to be so loved

  4. I only know of one person who has lived to that age so far. My yoga teachers mother is 101. The teacher herself is in her late seventies though you would never know it! Amazing...

  5. Thanks Claire for your comments. I love hearing stories of people who have lived to their 90s and made it to 100!