Baby Boys Clothes

I've decided not to address any serious issue in this post. In fact, I strongly agree with studies that shows stress can be an inhibitor to conceiving.  So relax, watch a good comedy movie or read a funny book. 

But before you watch that movie or read a book, I just read a post “Why Are Boys’ Clothes So Ugly?”  Since I had two baby girls, I never thought much about this. 

However, I just got back from one of my favorite clothing stores. I do think clothes for boys, especially babies and toddlers, sometimes lack variety. 

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  1. Do some women feel that boys' clothes (little boys, in particular) are ugly, plain, or unattractive because we see most things from a feminine prospective? Do men feel the same? Probably not.

    And yes, all wanna-be-moms should do what you suggested; have fun!

    (No offense to those who have serious issues.)

  2. Anita, I think you're on to something...viewing things from a feminine prospective. Thanks for your comments because I hadn't thought about that.