A Salute to 2011-2012 Featured InSeason Moms

“If sharing my story will encourage another woman, then I’ll do it!”  These words were repeated to me in various forms by each 2011-2012 Featured InSeason Mom.  None of the moms were paid for her story except with the highest form of payment: knowledge that sharing her journey gave hope to another. Ladies, I salute, honor and hug you for your courage to share a part of your life as the Featured InSeason Mom…thank you!


  1. Having a baby at any age is hard. Over fourty you have less eggs and it is much harder in many ways. I feel many who do have babies when older have more tolerance and are better parents. My last son was born when I was 34 and at the time, I felt that was old. I felt that when he went to school he would feel shy about having an older mum, but he didn't. We have always been very close and at 33yrs old now, he still calls me very affectionately, mummy.

  2. Crystal Mary, first I must say that I like your new profile picture! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Most of all, thanks for encouraging all of the readers with how you felt when your son was born and how wonderful things turned out.