Thank you!

I am truly thankful that I’ve met many wonderful moms, future moms and dads through Blog Hops, Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn. I haven’t tried Pinterest, but I will.  Although, support for first time moms over 35+ is my primary focus, I believe ALL moms, whether they are 22 or 42, are InSeason Moms. Therefore, if you are a mom, the Creator of the Universe chose to bring “that” child into your life through adoption, birth, death (became a mom after child’s parent died), marriage (stepmom) or foster care. You are operating in your God-given season…rejoice and be blessed!
Cynthia Wilson James


  1. How sweet, Cynthia, to think of us at Thanksgiving. As a believer, thank you for reminding me that God is the Creator of my three kids and has blessed my husband and me to care for them. I hope you had a nice holiday and that the upcoming month will be peaceful and blessed.

  2. Anita, thanks and for sharing why you are thankful.

  3. After a while I got a chance to visit some blogs today and reading your post reminded me that how lucky i am, having a wonderful son.
    Thank you Cynthia!
    God Bless you and all your loved ones.

  4. Yonca, thanks for your comments and we are blessed!

  5. Such a sweet post.

    And thanks for liking my FB page.