Should You Change Doctors During Your Over 40 Pregnancy –Lisa’s story

Lisa with then one day old Ava

I started my pregnancy in a traditional OB-GYN medical practice.  What surprised me the most about my visits was the way I did not feel listened to.  I felt they pushed their agenda onto me and expected me to go along with their ideas.  I even had the office manager call and


  1. That is great info!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  2. I agree. I learned a lot from Lisa's interview. Thanks Julie for your comment.

  3. I opted out of having the amniocentesis when I became pregnant at age 37, and then again at 39 and 41. Genetic testing wasn't even mentioned, but I probably would have passed on it, too. Maybe way back in 1995 it wasn't available. :)

    When I asked my doctor if the amnio would show anything that could be treated if there was a problem, he said no. Sooo... My baby was here to stay, regardless, meaning the test was not necessary.

    Congratulations Lisa. I'm glad your experience ended better than it started.

    Thanks Cynthia.

  4. Anita, good for you. It's important for all women to realize that we are partners with our health care providers and to speak up about our concerns/opinions.