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I'm so glad that you are enjoying the Featured InSeason Mom series. Here's a sneak preview of upcoming Moms of the Month.

I was 39 when I got pregnant and no one knew we were trying except my managers at work. My mom passed on the previous year and I was so nervous to tell my brother and dad. I actually sent them a card!
-Katherine, -age 40

What I remember most about the experience is probably not typical of what you hear. My husband was in the midst of being deployed to Iraq when our baby was scheduled to be born. My husband flew out 4 hours after the birth to join his battalion as they were deployed the next day to Iraq. The first time the 3 of us were together was when one of the pictures (on right) was taken by a local newspaper.
Melissa-age 49

My story, as it's rather unusual. I became pregnant at 45 and had a healthy son at 46, unplanned and unexpected. He was my first and only child; until he was born I had never held a baby for more than a moment or changed a single diaper!
Carolyn- age 52

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  3. Wow so touching, very inspirational. This shows you that God can do it for you only if you believe..
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