Being An Older Mom Won’t Shield You From Their Secret Weapon: Mommy Guilt

I remember the date I realized the one weapon used by the “sweet” children of young and old moms alike: mommy guilt. It was July 8, 2009.  Here's a link to my story:


  1. I don't know how to deal with those guilts whenever I decided to do something nice for myself (maybe going out with friends). Once I see the look on their(my children)faces, I always give up without even trying.

  2. Nekky, maybe both of us could learn from what
    Crystal Mary wrote in respond to this post. She wrote:

    You are the mother and they are the children..
    “But children love to go with mummy”..
    One day they will go for a sleep over, or to a birthday party or out on a date, without Mum.
    Explain this to them and assure them you love them but it is good for you and good for them when you sometime,do things by yourself… Mine used to look forward to a small lolly I’d bring home.. on occassion. xxx
    Cynthia's note: Crystal Mary has a lot of wisdom!