Is There an Age Limit For Being A Good New Mom?

“When the kid is 25, the mother will be 65!” the reader responded to the article about older first-time moms." (read my latest post at Parent Society)


  1. Good article.

    People also have to keep in mind that nothing in life is guaranteed. The so-called perfect 20-something age of getting married and having children does not always produce a life time of constant happiness.

    Illnesses, special needs children, loss of jobs, death, divorce, etc. It happens. And it can happen at any age which will affect any household.

    It's all unfortunate and I don't wish it on anyone. It's just a reminder to young people to live their lives fully and let older people do the same. There's no template or schedule that is fullproof.

  2. Anita, those wonderful words of wisdom and truth could only come from a woman who has "seen" life through the years. I agree completely with your comments. Thank you for sharing.