Get Bully Savvy Webinar-How to Empower and Protect Your Child From Bullying

InSeason Mom Cynthia’s note: Last school term, one of my daughters experienced being bullied. I know how this can affect the child and family. Special thanks to Raising Great for sponsoring this free webinar and for providing the following information:

  • Did you know that 1 in 7 Students in Grades K-12 is either a bully or a victim of bullying?
  • 56% of students have personally witnessed some type of bullying at school.
  • 15% of all school absenteeism is directly related to fears of being bullied at school.
  • 71% of students report incidents of bullying as a problem at their school.
  • 1 out of every 10 students who drops out of school does so because of repeated bullying.
  • Harassment and bullying have been linked to 75% of school-shooting incidents.
  • Suicide rates among 10 to 14-year-olds have grown more than 50 percent over the last three decades.
 We all know that bullying is something that is traumatic for children. Being bullied constantly affects your child’s grades, social, emotional and mental well-being. The physical and emotional consequences of bullying results in devastating long-term effects that impacts your child’s self-esteem.

 Bullying is not just “kids being kids”. You can’t just wait for things to get better. Don’t allow your child to be a target. Kids are going to drastic measures such as plastic surgery to avoid bullying. Most kids don’t report bullying incidents to their parents, so you may not even be aware that your child is being bullied.

Take charge of the situation to ensure your child’s safety and well being online and at school.

 In honor of National Stop Bullying Month, on Thursday, 10/27 8:00pm EST, please join Raising Great and guest Brenda High, writer of the successful “Bullycide in America: Moms Speak out About the Bullying/Suicide Connection” and Founder and Co-Director of Bully Police USA for a free webinar.

Please visit Get Bully Savvy for more info.





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