Conceiving In Your 40s: Still A Hot Topic??? Survey Says---

One of my favorite shows is Family Feud and I’m really good at the game. Although I may not agree with the answers of the “100 people” asked, I’m seldom wrong about their “hot topic” answers.

It’s no secret that what brings in huge ratings or followers for any media network is to select a hot topic, then write or say the most negative thing about the topic. Back in the day, people would call this “throw a brick, then hide your hands” concept. Today, it’s probably given a more modern tech sounding name. Regardless of the term used, the brick throwers call it professional journalism.

We, first time moms in our 40s, are still a hot topic for the brick throwers. Headlines such as “Is She Just Too Old For This” or “Should Older Women Get Pregnant” prove three things:

1) Many people are interested in our private lives.
2) These people have too much time on their hands and need to use some of the time for volunteering.
3) Older first-time moms are becoming more prevalent.

If you are pregnant and in your late 30s or over 40, take a minute and read my article Expectant First-Time Mom Over 40-Avoid These Three Things , I know you will be encouraged.


  1. I am a first time mom at 40 and were I live it is so common that 40 is young. There are 40 yr old women were I live that look like they are 30 it is all based on how you feel inside and how you take care of yourselves.

  2. Mommy Bags, thanks for your comments. Recently, a friend and I were talking about the importance of taking care of yourself-mentally, physically and spiritually, regardless of your age.