Baby Changes Everything Author Beth Vogt

Baby Changes Everything remains one of the best books I’ve read on motherhood after 35 or 40. Learn about Beth Vogt in this interview.

InSeason Mom Cynthia: Why did you write Baby Changes Everything?

Vogt: When I found out I was pregnant again at 41—at the time our children were 17, 14 and 12 ½--I felt so alone. I didn’t know anyone else like me. I wandered the bookstores looking for a book to help me figure this out—this being a late-in-life pregnancy. There were a few books out there—but none were written from a faith-based perspective. None were written for “repeaters” like me, women who already had children. None included a whole family perspective.

InSeason Mom Cynthia: Tell me about the women interviewed for you book?

Vogt: I wanted a wide range of stories. So, there are stories of women who struggled with infertility, one woman who was widowed and remarried, women who faced divorce, women who were surprised with an unexpected pregnancy like I was, women who experienced blended families.

InSeason Mom Cynthia : Does your book share any insights from older dads?

Vogt: This is one way Baby Changes Everything is different from other books on late-in-life motherhood. It has a whole family perspective. I interviewed late-in-life dads to get their perspective on the experience. One of the dads I interviewed was Dr. Kevin Leman, who wrote The Birth Order Book. He provided some key insights. I even interviewed my own husband because I didn’t want to assume I knew what he thought about our experience.

InSeason Mom Cynthia : What is the main difference between a woman who experience a surprise pregnancy after 35 compared to a woman who experience a much desired pregnancy after 35?

Vogt:There’s a huge difference emotionally when a woman’s been hoping and wishing and trying to get pregnant versus a woman who is stunned by a positive pregnancy test. I say my unexpected pregnancy at 41 felt like a huge case of identity theft. It was no where on my “Life To Do” list—not even an optional activity. So, it took me quite a while—months—to adjust emotionally to how life was going to change now that I was pregnant. All women have adjustments after a baby is born, but an unexpected pregnancy magnifies those adjustments.

InSeason Mom Cynthia: What message do you want readers of Baby Changes Everything to remember after reading the book?

Vogt: I wanted to put a more positive spin on late-in-life motherhood. I want women who either choose to have children late in life or are surprised by a caboose baby to be encouraged as they read my book. I want them to feel supported, informed and challenged to be successful older moms.


  1. Great addition, Cynthia, to your "coverage" of the older mom. I know two women who had the "surprise" babies when they already had children. Both were in their early forties. One of them was having her surprise blessing at the same time her oldest child was pregnant. It's also interesting that both had all girls (6 girls in one family, and 3 in the other) and then had a boy - another adjustment. :)

    It's now a few years later, and both families are "back to normal."

    Good topic for a book, Beth. I'll pass the name of your book along to both families.

  2. Thanks Anita. I'm sure your two friends will appreciate reading Beth's faith-based perspective book because it's filled with such good positive information. I know Beth thanks you for telling others about her book, too.

  3. Nice interview!

    Beth Vogt's book fills an important gap in the story of midlife motherhood. Much of the coverage is of women who waited for that badly wanted first baby. But of course, there are surprise babies too that come late and that is quite a different experience.

    I've always been interested in moms with a big age gap between children. I know several and it looks like a stretch! But they manage - often with one foot in the high school and one in the nursery! I don't know how they get any sleep!

    Beth Vogt's message is important. I'm happy to know about the book.

  4. Thanks Jennifer for your comments. I know moms who have a big gap between children. You're right, they do manage and make it look so easy!