Are You Mentally Prepared For A Baby-PT 2

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I’ll shout it from the roof top as I long as I can speak. “Babies are a blessing!” Nevertheless, our little blessings can make the best laid out plans spin out of obit.

Do you make quick trips to the store or supermarket to pick up a few items? Have you perfected your quick “get set, ready, go” method for getting dressed to go any place from church to a concert? Well, when baby arrives, you’ll find that that the words quick, easy, fast will fade from your vocabulary. Although I didn’t always feel this way when my daughters were infants or toddlers, I now believe one of the best things that young children teach us is to slow down, appreciate each moment.

When baby arrives, your quick trip to the supermarket or any errand requires more planning. You pack a bag for baby, which includes everything from extra diapers to extra milk to extra bibs. You pack a bag for yourself, which includes more of baby’s things and your wallet.

Depending on your personal preference, you may decide to wash and change baby before or after his or her bag is packed. In reality, it matters little because no one can possibly know when your little blessing will poop or spit up while giving you the most adorable smile that you’ve ever seen.

I would suggest to any new mom when she is taking her baby on her quick errands, to allow at least 30 minutes to 1 hour extra for preparation. I would probably suggest more time if she is taking her baby on a longer trip.

What helpful advice would you give an expectant mom to help her mentally prepare for a new baby?


  1. Well it has been a long time, thirty two years since my last baby... I would tell all mums, enjoy that baby. Take lots of photos along their walk in life. They grow so quickly and you can't remember much of what they have done as you yourself age.
    Take time to listen and teach. Don't over spoil but teach from good example with patience. Be consistant..and thats not always easy. But in the end you will be rewarded by a well balanced adult who will be a pleasure to know. Lastly...teach a faith in Jesus Christ because a good foundation will stand them in good stead when you are not there. God the father sees all, He never sleeps so they can always seek and find Him, in good times and in bad. Blessings from Australia.

  2. Crystal Mary, thank you for the wonderful and timeless advice and thanks for following!

  3. You couldn't have said it any better! lol.. just getting my two (1 and 2 year old) babies in and out of their carseats, and into the stroller, shopping cart, etc. doubles the time spent on every trip!

    And of course at least one of them has to have an accident right before we leave..

    *sigh* There really is no handbook for this stuff :)

  4. Jackie, I laughed when I read your post. Every woman should be given a medal of courage when she returns home after shopping with two babies!

  5. You and Crystal Mary have given good advice: allowing extra time and patience - lots of it!

    New moms - love your babies with lots of affection and take care of them as best you can. Never be afraid to ask for help or advice.