World’s Oldest “Kindergarten” Mom (Revisited)

I first wrote this post in August 2009. I post it again as encouragement to older moms who have children beginning kindergarten this fall.

My baby started kindergarten this week. She has an easier path than big sister who started school two years ago. Thanks to big sister, my baby (who will now be referred to as little sister) knows a few of the teachers and children. Little sister has been to the school many times with big sister, dad and me. Everyone thinks little sister and big sister look so much alike they could be twins.(Big sister who is 22 months older HATES being mistaken for twins :) Thanks to big sister who is in advanced placement classes and is an award-winning reader with a friendly disposition, everyone expects good things from little sister.

Yes, big sister has made it easier for everyone, even mommy. Although I experienced all the joys and pains of seeing my baby…oops…my youngest…I mean… little sister begin school as I did with big sister, there is one thing I didn’t experience.  I didn't experience thoughts of having every teacher, every parent and every student stop and stare at me because I looked so old walking my daughter to kindergarten. Thanks to my circle of online over 35 and 40-moms and the older moms I’ve seen at my daughter’s school----then again, they may have been their grandmothers---anyway-- I no longer fear the image of being the World’s Oldest “Kindergarten” Mom.

I know I will be the oldest mom in the class.  (I will admit that I don’t go around advertising my age.) My daughters’ classmates refer to me as they do all the other moms. “That’s (insert name of classmate) mom.”

I have told my daughters that I am much older than the moms of their classmates. I have told my daughters that they are a gift from God and that I waited a long time to receive this gift. Therefore, even if a classmate mistakes me as their grandma, I have told my daughters not to become upset, but to simply correct the error.

I've learned two important lessons from being an over 40 mom with young school-age children.
Lesson 1: I am not the FIRST older or “Inseason Mom” nor will I be the last. Translation: I am not such a novelty that anyone will stop and stare at me. 

Lesson 2: Moms are not only connected by age but by similar values. Although I am the oldest mom, I've found 20-something and 30-something-year-old moms who share the same values that I have. We have connected.

While it's true that your little one will meet a new friend in kindergarten, it is equally as true that you may make a new friend too! Stay positive and blessings!

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