Surprise Pregnancy Over 40!

InSeason Mom is dedicated to women over the 35 and 40 who are fearful of having a baby because they view the common misconceptions as truth. My goal is to ease their fear by exposing myths with facts. I want the first time older mom to have support as she works with her physician to ensure the best health care possible.

But how about the 40-something woman who discovers that she is pregnant after she thought she was out of her child-bearing years? Do I write anything differently to her? No, not really. All of my articles excluding the ones on trying to conceive are written as encouragement to expectant moms over 35 and 40, regardless of whether the pregnancy was planned or not planned.

I do offer coaching to expectant moms over 35 because chat rooms and message boards are wonderful but sometimes you want live support and individualized attention from someone like me who had her first and second baby in her 40s!

One of my friends with adult children finds it hard to believe that women in their 40s are surprised when they become pregnant, but I can certainly understand. Even now with more resources about pregnancy over 40, there are still many more preaching the message of how rare pregnancy is in your 40s.
Although I realize medical professionals would explain this next point differently citing all the variables, I’ll explain without fancy words. If you have a menstrual cycle and have sex, you can get pregnant!

If you are an over 35, pregnant and haven’t read the encouraging articles on InSeason Mom, please take some time to do so. If you desire further assistance, please email me:


  1. I had my first child at 38 and my second at 41. I have a friend who had her first at 38 and is now almost 49 and is very hopeful to get pregnant again.

    Thank you for being there to support all of us! Cynthia

  2. Danielle, thank you for sharing. I wish your friend much success and I always enjoy visiting your site, too.