Expectant Mom Over 35 and 40 Affirmations

As I have said before, I will remain forever puzzled that everyone from friends to strangers believe it’s okay to give unsolicited advice to pregnant women. Too often pregnant women over 35 and 40 are left feeling more insecure after dealing with these self-proclaimed experts. For good mental and spiritual health, it’s important that expectant first time moms replace the negative with positive. I want to share 5 affirmations I made during pregnancy:

Expectant Mom Over 35 Affirmations by Cynthia Wilson James

1. I am in the perfect season of my life to give birth.

2. I am thankful that the Creator of the Universe has chosen me to be the mother of this child.

3. I will not allow negative comments or thoughts to penetrate my spirit and keep me from enjoying my pregnancy.

4. I will survive the discomforts of pregnancy, as did the other women before me.

5. I will practice good nutrition, which will prepare my body for delivering a healthy baby.

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