Fearful of Giving Birth Over 35? What a Six Year Old Taught Me!

With eyes as big and bright as the Carolina sun, six-year-old Joy snuggled close to me to reveal her secret.

“Aunt Cynthia, I’m scared of going to the second grade.”

Since she had an outgoing personality and was an excellent student, I was a bit taken back by her confession. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and asked, “Why?”

She played with her fingers a few seconds and took a deep breath.

“How about if the teachers asked me a question I don’t know?”

“Like what?”

“Like how much is one-hundred eighty plus twenty?”

I smiled inside knowing that whether you’re six or sixty the unknown can cause anxiety.

“Let’s see Joy. If the teacher asks how much is one-hundred eighty plus twenty, this is what you do.” I proceeded to show her the old-fashion way of counting on her fingers. We added several equations that day and each time her face lit up as she got the correct answer.

While Joy learned that what was once difficult for her was now simple, I learned an important lesson, too. I learned that the better prepared a person is for a task, her level of fear tremendously decreases.

My niece Joy went to second grade and excelled as she did throughout high school, college and her professional career. She is now a wife, a mom, a science teacher and most importantly to me, a loving Christian.

My goal as author of this blog and of publisher of InSeason Mom is the same as it was with my then 6-year old niece: to share what I have learned through my experience and research to help you combat your fear of giving birth over 35 and 40.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful post.

  2. What a loverly post. I think it's harder to get pregnant once you are over 40, but that doesn't mean you cannot get pregnant. Lots of women over 40 have healthy babies every day :-)

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  3. DP, thanks for your comment. I always enjoy reading and following your blog as well.

  4. Your blog is very interesting. I have always heard that it is very risky for a woman to give birth after 40. However, all things all possible.