Recognized by CBS New York; Meet March-April InSeason Mom

CBS New York recognized InSeason Mom as one of the best resources for first time moms over 35! Although I just learned about the recognition that was given a few months ago, I am grateful and excited. I am grateful because one of my God-given paths has been recognized. Getting married at 40 and giving birth at age 42 and 44 was never in my well-designed plan. I was supposed to be married to Mr. Super Christian and have all of my well-behaved children by age 27! However, the detour from my perfect plan has made me more compassionate and humble. The years have taught me from seeing the experiences of others that when our dreams are fulfilled too quickly, we take the fulfillment for granted. We become prideful.

I know and embrace that providing support for first time moms and women who want to be moms over 35 and 40 is a God-designed path for me. He has given me a wonderful channel to help through InSeason Mom. When I connect with other women who are in the over 35 “giving birth or want to give birth” demographics, I do not view them as statistics. I see them as I see myself and that’s why I often call them “my sisters.”

I have resurrected the featured InSeason Mom section, which was started in 2006, on the website. This feature provides inspiration from other moms who gave birth over 35. Check out 43-year old Lisa Bruchac who gave birth 8 months ago.


  1. You are so right about early dream fulfillment, and it describes me. Until it all broke loose when I was 31. I remarried when I was 41 and had our child after that. I used to blog about it but found no other late-life moms out there in the blog world. Congrats and good for you! You are right - you are filling a need. I need this blog! :-)

  2. Stacey, thanks for the congrats and comments. I'm glad that we now have many late-life moms. This is our season!