First Time Mom Over 40: Is That Your Grandma?

Flower Power Mom recently did an interesting blog, "don't call me grandma." Many of the readers were offended when they were mistaken as the grandma. First time I was mistaken as the grandma, I was offended,too. However, one of the readers made a statement that now reflects how I feel. She said, " I AM the age a grandmother is most places in this country."

The truth is that I AM the age a grandmother is in most places in this country. None of us planned it this way years ago. I believe mental preparation is the best defense to handling such comments. I’ve made a point of not only preparing myself for such comments, but preparing my daughters as well.

From the time my girls were born, they’ve heard me say I prayed a long time for God to send them to me. He sent them to me when I was older than most mommies. I know they didn’t understand what I meant when they were pre-schoolers, but when they hit school, I think they understood more. Now that they are almost 7 and nearly 9 and have had to tell others that I’m not the grandma, they understand even better. I think it’s important for children to know that they are not the only ones with older parents or whatever it may be that makes their parents different. I also think it’s important for parents to tell their children that they (the parents) are different. Then, they won’t be taken by surprise. I salute moms, such a Halle Berry’s mom, of bi-racial children who prepare their children for how the world may see them. I make a point of visiting websites with my daughters that feature pictures of older moms with their young children.

While it may strike a blow to our ego the first time someone mistakes us as the grandma, let's shake it off and continue to instill ageless qualities in our children such as love, respect, honesty and courage.

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