World's Oldest Mom Dies- My misconception

World’s Oldest Mom Dies of Cancer-Supporting First Time Moms Over 40
As publisher of InSeason Mom, which provides online support for first time moms over 35 or 40 and women considering motherhood later in life, I learned a valuable lesson when I discovered that Maria Carmen del Bousada, world’s oldest mom had died.
First, I thought about the beautiful children she left behind. Next, I considered my own state. I got married at age 40 for the first time and conceived during my 40s without medical assistance but with Divine assistance. I write without medical assistance not as a boasting point but simply as a fact. Nearly eight years ago, I gave birth to two healthy daughters when I was 42 and 44.
I have read and heard about every pro and con about giving birth after 40. Yet, when I read that the world’s oldest mom had died, I immediately thought the 69-year-old, who gave birth two years earlier, had died of old-age! Weeks later, I learned a fact that most of the media omitted in first reporting the story-- Bousada died of cancer.
Now I had to examine why I so quickly assumed Bousada died of old age rather than of an illness. This InSeason Mom who was once a childbirth educator had been taught the lesson she preached against---misconceptions about first time moms over 40. I will admit that I have an age in mind that I consider “too old” to give birth but I will also admit because I’ve grown spiritually and mentally, I leave much room for error in my “age limit” belief. I no longer claim to have all the answers to the age limit a woman should undergo medically assisted fertility treatments or why a man when he fathers a baby at age 70 is celebrated.
As publisher of InSeason Mom, I offer support for first time older moms because I have found that no woman intentionally waits until she is 35 or 40 to give birth.
Yet, the words Bousada expressed after giving birth are the words of many women, “I have wanted to be a mother all my life, but I never had the opportunity, or met the right man.” (Until now….InSeason Mom Publisher’s words inserted)


  1. Wow, I find that story, while saddened in regards to her death and the children left behind, also quite inspirational.
    My circumstances are also not intentional. But now I pray that we will get there, we will.

  2. One thing about having children older, as I have, is that when you hit 50 or so, your personal interests become very strong. The things that the kids are involved in are not the priority that they use to be because of your own re-birth. :) So, I must be very careful to give my kids the same time and quality as I've always given them.
    Of course, I'm generalizing, because this feeling occurs in moms that are only 30, too. Or on the other hand, some older moms will always put their kids first. I have a friend who enjoys being a big part of everything her children do, and they are now around thirty!