InSeason Mom meets Flower Power Mom

Angel La Liberte has touched my heart and my ticklebone with her website, Flower Power Mom . One minute she's taking me down memory lane with television shows and music I remember as a child in the "Blast from the Past" feature. The next minute she's talking to me like a good friend sharing heart-felt thoughts about the double-edged sword of the women's movement in Having Our Cake and Washing the Dishes Too.

The search engines'description of Flower Power Mom is a forum dedicated to midlife motherhood—to entertain, inform and share the experience of having children after 40.

However, I like the simple description Angel gave in a recent interview. "My intention is to inform, with humor, with my inner Erma Bombeck very much in place," she said.

Angel saw a need in the market when she started Flower Power Mom. She said that most magazines and web sites tend to focus primarily on fertility. She shares information on what happens AFTER you have given birth to the beautiful blessings.

I am honored when anyone mentions InSeason Mom as a resource because I honestly believe that this is one of my God-given purposes. You can imagine how honored I was when Angel featured InSeason Mom in her October 4th blog. Click here to read "Mom For All Seasons."

Also, check out the recent article in Santa Cruz Sentinel about Angel and Flower Power Mom.


  1. I'm so glad you posted about her. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for the intro to Flower Power Mom. I'll be stopping by to visit her sometimes.