Being Taught By High School Students

When I became a college counselor at a high school in April 2008, I never expected to learn anything from the students. Well, that’s not true. I expected to learn the latest slang, the latest fashion, the latest music…you get the picture. I never expected to learn that the faces of high school kids shine as bright as kindergarteners when you give them a high five or a hug after winning scholarships or getting college acceptance letters. I never expected to learn that high school students don’t give it a second thought that I’m an over 40 mom with young children because in their eyes everyone over 25 is probably really old. I never expected to learn that after meeting with several students a day, there’s not a student who leaves my desk without saying thank-you. I never expected to learn treating the students like I treat my own children—regardless of their economic, racial or other differences—would encourage them to pursue their dreams and cause me to become less judgmental. I never expected to learn that looking into the eyes of high school students I see my own daughters in a few years that will come to quickly. I never expected to learn demonstrating a mother’s love would have such a profound effect on so many.

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  1. Loving, caring, and giving attention - seems like you're "genuinely" showing these emotions towards these almost-adults that are really still children. Good for you and extra good for them as receivers!
    It is a reminder and lesson for us all.