First Time Moms Over 40 Convention 2012?

I’ll tell you from the beginning that there is no scheduled First Time Moms Over 40 Convention 2012. I’ll also ask you to continue reading so that I can share my dream of coordinating the first annual convention for expectant moms, hoping to be moms and first time moms over 40. Wouldn’t that be great? A convention for us.

The location of the first convention would be in a sunny southern region. Sorry my northern friends, I’m cold natured. Since it seldom snows in sunny, southern regions, it wouldn’t matter what season the convention is held…as long as it’s not close to any major holiday because traveling during such times can be worst than normal.

A good marketing/publicity committee is another necessity for the convention. We’ll want to secure national sponsors to offset much of the cost and to promote the event. The convention will begin on Friday evening with dinner and conclude on Sunday morning with breakfast. Of course, the hotel would be beautiful with a friendly staff.

Now for the most important part of the convention which is the program. The program will be encouraging and informative. The program will feature speakers from the medical field as well as speakers who share their testimonies of becoming first time moms over 40. Since I am sharing a dream, I will include an affordable (or free) well-known celebrity mom speaker who became a first time mom over 40. We’ll have leisure time to meet and greet other attendees.

Now who wants to register for the first annual First Time Moms Over 40 Convention 2012?

Okay, maybe I am not prepared to start coordinating the First Time Moms Over 40 Convention 2012. I have my hands full with coordinating a family reunion for 2011. While I am not ready to begin planning a convention, I do plan to continue focusing on my goal as publisher of , which is to provide information and inspiration to first time moms and future moms over 40. Maybe, in the near future, we’ll have a personal meeting at the annual First Time Moms Over 40 Convention.


  1. Quite interesting. Keep us up-to-date with your ideas and planning.

  2. It sounds fascinating. Pity I live in Australia!

  3. Cynthia I am looking forward to this event. I am in faith and believing that I will have my children by this time. I am 43 and believing that God will bless me with twin boys in 2010. I have searched for a site like yours for some time and I can't tell you how thankful I am to meet women who think like myself. One of your comments about things to do really sparked me is to avoid negative people. I am healthy with no medical problems and feel we are here as long as God has allowed us to be. Age is only a number. What is more important is how we live with the age we are.Thank You Thank YOu Thank You