World’s Oldest “Kindergarten” Mom

My baby started kindergarten this week. She has an easier path than big sister who started school two years ago. Thanks to big sister, my baby (who will now be referred to as little sister) knows a few of the teachers and children. Little sister has been to the school many times with big sister, dad and me. Everyone thinks little sister and big sister look so much alike they could be twins. Thanks to big sister who is in advanced classes and is an award-winning reader with a friendly disposition, everyone expects good things from little sister.

Yes, big sister has made it easier for everyone, even mommy. Although I experienced all the joys and pains of seeing my baby…oops…my youngest…I mean… little sister begin school as I did with big sister, there is one thing I didn’t experience. The thoughts of having every teacher, parent and student stop and stare at me because I looked so old walking my daughter to kindergarten were no longer in mind. Thanks to my circle of online over 40-moms and older moms I’ve seen at my daughter’s school----then again, they may have been their grandmothers---anyway-- I no longer fear the image of being the World’s Oldest “Kindergarten” Mom. I know I will be the oldest mom in the class but I no longer care. (I will admit that I don’t go around advertising my age.) My daughters’ classmates refer to me as they do all the other moms. “That’s (insert name of classmate) mom.”

I have told my daughters that I am much older than the moms of their classmates. I have told my daughters that they are a gift from God and that I waited a long time to receive this gift. Therefore, even if a classmate mistakes me as being the grandma, I have told my daughters not to become upset, but to simply correct the error.

The most important thing I’ve learned being an over 40 mom with young school-age children is that I am not the first older or “Inseason Mom.” Nor will I be the last. Translation: I am not such a novelty that will cause anyone to stop and stare.

If you are an expectant mom over 35 or are considering motherhood after 35, put your fear of being the oldest kindergarten mom to rest. More in upcoming blogs about fears I’ve overcome as a first-time mom over 40.


  1. I'm so glad you aren't worrying about what others think anymore. It's so not worth it! And how you have handled it with your children is wonderful. I'll have to remember that!

    I hope little sister has really enjoyed her first week out in the kindergarten world!

  2. I got my first "Is that your grandchild" question when I was only 38 and my baby was 6 months old. I was in a very rural area, and I told my mom, "they must think I'm the grandma because everyone here is having their second kid before they're 20." We just laughed it off.
    It didn't seem to be a problem when my daughter went to kindergarten. When the other kids heard my kid calling me Mommy, they didn't bother to search for gray roots or wrinkles. And, as my kids got older, everyone at the school is accustomed to seeing me, and knowing me.
    You're going to be surprised in time as you meet more older moms at the schools and the kids' activities. If the women did not carry their kids, they adopted them.
    Keep writing!

  3. Thanks for writing this great blog. I had my daughter when I was 45 and am now in full blown menopause. My daughter just started an early learning program a couple of weeks ago and I am definitely the oldest mom there. I try to let it roll off me and so far, no one has dared to ask me if I'm her grandmother. Stop over and check out my blog sometime as I work my way through being a new mom dealing with menopause with the added stress of trying to drop the baby weight now three years later!