The Secret Weapon Children Use on All Moms

After spending all except one-percent of my 168 hours a week with my girls, I announced that I was going to the store ALONE to buy shoes. My five and seven year old groaned, moaned, acted as if I announced that I was leaving them forever.

“Mommy, I want to go with you! Please! Please!”

Their daddy, my beloved husband, who was on the computer in another room was probably smiling to himself, thinking that the pleas of our little drama queens had relieved him once again from “babysitting.” Just for the record, I agree with what a former hairstylist told me years ago. She said a father can’t “baby-sit” his own children. He shares the responsibility of taking care of them.

Anyway, after the girls gave their performance, I certainly felt selfish for wanting to buy a pair of shoes for myself in peace---without having to stop anyone from jumping, speed walking or arguing. Even though I knew that they would be in the best of care with their loving daddy, as a mom over 40 with two young children, I felt that I owed it to the girls to devote all of my waking hours to them.

Then I realized that there is one weapon that the “sweet” children of young and old moms alike use: mommy guilt. At that moment, I declared my right and need to go shopping—sometimes without my girls. I now knew how the liberators of great historical movements felt. It is interesting that my freedom to go shopping alone came in July…the same month that America gained its independence. Now if only I could go on a weekend vacation without having mommy guilt!

Talk to you soon, InSeason Mom Cynthia (

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  1. I also had my children "late." I was 37 (2 weeks shy of 38), 40 and 42 when each of my three girls were born. They are all healthy, smart, and beautiful. I think you have a good cause going-encouraging older moms. I will visit your blog again to read about your adventures. Blessings.