InSeason Mom Radio Show for Summer?

Before I was an InSeason Mom, before I was a Career/College Counselor in the public schools, before I was a freelance writer---well nope—not before then---anyway I used to be a radio announcer/DJ. I’ve played Lite Rock, Gospel, Country and R&B. I love music. And as the O'Jays sung, I love music as long as it's groovin’.

Recently, I ran across Blog Talk Radio which allows users to create free talk radio podcasts. I thought about how I enjoyed my days as a disc jockey and how I wanted to reconnect with my “InSeason Mom” sisters. I signed up for a free account with hopes of having enough time between my girls’ swimming lessons, vacation bible school and visits to grandma and a family reunion to launch “InSeason Mom” show. I just plan to do it on a weekly basis.
I want to feature first time moms over 35 a well as provide support. Also, I want to give a “shout out” (you can tell I work with high school students) to specific listeners…just email me your first name and state/providence/country.

If you think a radio blog would be good for InSeason Mom, drop me a line.

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