Have you had a Super-Mom Fantasy Moment?

Okay, you already know that I signed up for a free Radio Blog Talk show account because I wanted to talk with my InSeason Mom sisters and maybe recapture my days as a DJ. Since I was on summer break from my position as a Career/College Counselor, I thought I would have enough weekly time between my girls’ swimming lessons, vacation bible school (VBS) and visits to grandma and a family reunion to launch “InSeason Mom” show.

If only the swimming lessons, VBS, and visits to grandma were the only things I had to do. Who was I kidding? I run a household, have a family which includes a husband, two little girls under the age of eight, not to mention church and friends activities. Girlfriend, why didn't you warn me that I was having a Super-Mom fantasy moment?

I define a Super-Mom fantasy moment as failure to grasp what can be done in a realistic time frame. Have you ever had a Super-Mom fantasy moment? This is just one of the myths moms believe at one time or another. I've written First Time Mom Over 35 and 40: 4 Myths We Still Believe. Follow this link to read the article: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1832037/first_time_mom_over_35_and_40_4_myths.html

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